Mickey Button

On Thursday Emma got her mickey button. The procedure was relatively short. We had to wait almost an hour after the sedation wore off because as part of their protocol they check her oxygen levels afterwards and hers kept dipping below what they like to see for departure (90). This occured during her g-tube placement, so the nurse said that this may be "Emma's normal level". The number was dipping under 90, but she had normal coloring and wasn't discontent.

It has only been a short time since this surgery and all is going well. The biggest advantage of the mickey button over the peg tube is that we no longer have to deal with the ~10" tube that would get tucked into her diaper. She was starting to realize it was there and hold onto it during diaper changes, etc. There was always the fear of getting it yanked out.

So far the button appears to be more convenient than the tube. However, there are disadvantages to each. Apparently, the button needs to get replaced every so often (3 months-ish I believe is what the doctor said). For the first change, the doctor will do it, but after that parents typically change it themselves. I'm nervous about that, but I'm sure it will get to a point where that isn't a big deal.

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  1. Hi iam Jessica stevenson iam 24 yrs old and just about a month ago I had surgery to have a g tube placed, this is not my first go around with the g tube or the Mickey button. This is the third g tube placement I've had since I was born. I had numerous medical issues when I was little I was born unable to swallow thus the g tube placement at two years old I developed complications with the mickey button so I had to have surgery to place a new g tube in a different area of my abdomin I had that g tube/ button til the age of four, then they removed it because after a lot of occupational therapy I started to eat by mouth. Now 10 years later here iam with my third g tube placement. If u would like to email me my address is jrenee2433@gmail.com- thanks for allowing me to share my experiences with the g tube and button- God bless :)